Here is a list of my latest public presentations:

Past events

2019-11-26 Big Data Conference Talk

Topic: Making Data Scientists Productive in Azure
Doing data science today is far more difficult that it will be in the next 5-10 years. Sharing, collaborating on data science workflows in painful, pushing models into production is challenging. Let’s explore what Azure provides to ease Data Scientists’ pains. What tools and services can we choose based on a problem definition, skillset or infrastructure requirements? In this talk, you learn more about Azure Databricks, MLFlow, Azure Machine Learning, Delta Lake, Data Science Virtual Machines and Cognitive Services, with all the perks and limitations.

Last year’s feedback :)

2019-11-26 Big Data Conference Workshop

Workshop: Build a Modern Data Platform in Azure
In this 1-day workshop, you will learn about the main concepts related to data processing and data engineering with Azure Data Services. You will understand what Azure services you can leverage to establish a solid data platform to quickly ingest, process and visualize data from a large variety of data sources. Together we will implement a modern data platform architecture – a proven setup to give you flexibility and scalability to grow and handle large volumes of data and keep an optimal level of performance.

2019-11-06 Vilnius Microsoft Data Platform Meetup #4

Opening and closing the event, keeping attendees entertained :)

2019-09-20 Hack4Vilnius hackathon

I helped organize and mentor the teams

For the second year in a row, Cognizant together with Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, and Sunrise Valley Science & Technology Park, organized Hack4Vilnius hackathon ( The Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius, the patron of the event, gave a welcome speech. We hosted over 130 participants (+30% compared to last year) and 22 mentors. Over the weekend 32 teams worked on different solutions for Vilnius (food waste reduction, sports apps, road safety, open data, etc.).

The winning team, “Rain Drop”, created an IoT based smart irrigation system using soil moisture sensors.

2019-09-18 Swedbank Seedtalks: Big Data & Analytics

Topic: Lessons Learned on Building a Data Science Environment on Azure Cloud
I talked on designing and developing Data and AI solutions on Azure Cloud. As a context, I shared lessons learned from building product recommendation, sales optimization, product pricing, and churn redution use cases.

2019-09-10 Vilnius Microsoft Data Platform Meetup #3

Topic: Making Data Scientists Productive in Azure

2019-03-14 Microsoft Lithuania AI Conference

Topic: Enabling AI with Azure
I gave a high level intruduction of different AI and Machine Learning offerings available in Azure. Audience: Business users, CEOs, CTOs, Architects.

2018-11-28 - Big Data Conference

Topic: Making Data Scientists Productive in Azure
For more details look at 2019-11-26 Big Data Conference Talk section.

2018-10-23 - Hack4Vilnius hackathon

I helped organize and mentor the teams
The winner: “GetPet” application to promote long-term and short-term animal care, a solution for overcrowded animal shelters.

2018-10-01 Blue Bridge to Cloud

Participated in a forum discussion “How companies are migrating to cloud?”

2018-06-20 Vilnius Coding School

Topic: What is Data Science?
I gave an introduction to Data Science, Big Data, Cloud, skills needed to perform well. Audience: students and people interested in reskilling.

2018-02-22 Vilnius Tech Leads

Topic: The One with Delegation
Delegating tasks to local team members is already tricky. Delegating tasks to people distributed all over the world opens another Pandora’s box. Leadership courses, coaching exercises or delegation drills give a solid foundation, but once the rubber meets the road, you are on your own.

2017-10-12 Agile Tour Vilnius

Topic: Reducing Technology Risks through Prototyping
How to deliver a successful product when technology landscape is new and rapidly changing? How to identify technology limitations before moving to production? What if there are no technology experts to answer your questions?

Strategic prototyping can help development teams respond to these issues instead of blindly building full-scale products. I will not be offering silver bullets of simple recipes for success. Instead, you will learn about the practical guidelines for prototyping, combining architecture analysis and a variety of prototyping techniques. With some Big Data systems development flavor on top of it.

2017-07-10 Vilnius Microsoft Data Platform Meetup #2

Topic: Azure Stream Analytics: Hands-on exercises on processing car’s telemetry events
Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) is a fully managed cloud service for real-time processing of streaming data. ASA supports multiple different types of inputs and outputs, offering a high-level SQL-like language to transform data. We’ll investigate what it takes to create, manage and debug streaming jobs, using car’s telemetry data to showcase the possibilities.

2017-07-10 Vilnius Microsoft Data Platform Meetup #1

Topic: Getting Started With Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Successes and Failures
Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a massively parallel processing (MPP) cloud-based, scale-out, relational database, built on SQL Server. Behind the scenes, SQL Data Warehouse spreads your data across many shared storages and processing units. It gives a possibility to grow and shrink compute and storage independently, pause and resume to pay only for what you use.

A few months ago, we started exploring Azure Data Warehouse, and now we are successfully using it in production. I would like to share our first lessons learned.

2017-06-01 Vilnius Coding School

Topic: Big Data, Big Responsibility
I gave an introduction to Data Science, Big Data, Cloud, skills needed to perform well. Audience: students and people interested in reskilling.

2017-05 Vilnius University MIDI

Topic: Big Data, Big Responsibility

2017-02 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Topic: Big Data, Big Responsibility

2017-04-11 Vilnius Big Data Meetup

Topic: A pragmatic overview of Azure Cortana Suite
Microsoft Azure has over 20 platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings that can act in support of a big data analytics solution. It supports open source big data solutions alongside new serverless analytical products.

Over the last two years we have been working on the implementation of a recommender system using HDInsight, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics and Data Factory.

Was it all sunshines and rainbows? Not exactly. Therefore we feel obligated to share our story and findings.

2016-10-02 Agile Tour Vilnius

Topic: Technical storytelling: explain it to intern, convince the CEO

2016-06 Vilnius University MIDI

Topic: How to Become a Professional Software Developer?

2015-09-15 IT Summit Sweden

Topic: Machine Learning and Data Analytics in Cloud