How to Write a Killer Cover Letter


Whether you are writing a cover letter for a new job or you would like to join a public speaking group, cover letter could help you to make you one step closer to your dreams.

The whole purpose of a cover letter, is to show to your future employer that:

  1. You’re going to perform incredibly well in this job.
  2. You’re insanely likable.
  3. You’re really going to fit in around there.

Four, the most important thing in a cover letter:

  1. To stand out, you’ve got to have a killer first sentence.
  2. Show why you are a good match for the company.
  3. Tell why, specifically, you’re interested in the company.
  4. Address the letter to an actual person within the company.

The body of your letter should have EXACTLY three paragraphs: an introduction, a middle and a conclusion. These paragraphs ought to be brief, three to five sentences each. Be sure to use the correct terminology and active language. And, most importantly, omit needless words.

Good luck and take care!

I'm Valdas Maksimavicius. I write about data, cloud technologies and personal development. You can find more about me here.