Audiobooks - Is It Worth It?


I have always admired people who love books and read a lot. The reason reading is important is that all problems are solved. There is a huge probability all dilemmas you had, someone had experienced before and maybe had written about it. Alright, I agree - you might say. What if my reading list expands faster than I am capable of processing it? Then you have two options. Either double check the title before putting it in the list or listen to audiobooks.

It took me 84 days to read three, absolutely outstanding books

  • Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future - 13 hrs and 23 mins - 400p
  • The Martian by Andy Weir - 10 hrs and 53 mins - 387 p
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - 15 hrs and 46 mins - 400p

I managed to devour 1187 pages in 84 days without changing my lifestyle

I tend to hear rather negative comments about audiobooks

  • I easily start daydreaming.
  • I struggle with the software and audiobook providers.
  • There are so many distractions out there.


  1. Do not try to listen to technical or academic books.
  2. Begin with books you know you will enjoy. Favorite author, sequel?
  3. Use Audible to get used to listening - the best audiobooks service in the cloud.
  4. Find great software (handling chapters, automatic pause, remembering the last location) I am using Smart AudioBook Player .
  5. Don’t allocate time for it. Listen while you walk, clean your house or use public transportation.
  6. I warn you against listening to an audiobook while driving. Driving requires your full attention!
  7. Listening while running could be difficult. Endorphines shift you attention simply to the things are happening around you.
  8. Do I really have to pay? Not necessary. Maybe your book is out there waiting for you.
  9. Are you learning a new language? Great! Stop the player and repeat phrases read by native speaker.
  10. Read reviews not only about a book but narrator too. Just listen a few minutes and you’ll know it.

Audiobooks - is it worth it? Absolutely. Signup and try it yourself. Good luck!

I'm Valdas Maksimavicius. I write about data, cloud technologies and personal development. You can find more about me here.