Writing vs speaking


One of the most common preparation estimation techniques for public speaking is 1/1 - 1 minute on stage needs at least 1 hour of preparation. It varies, depending on a topic, an audience or simply your attitude that day. Overall, the 1/1 rule seems to be reasonable and it’s around that I take to prepare for a speech. Topic research, stories, structure - it takes time.

Writing should be much simpler, I thought. Three weeks ago I decided to write a LinkedIn post about storytelling. Just after creating the first draft, I stumbled upon my connections count in LinkedIn - 650. Wow, 650 people are going to see my post? And it took me next two weeks to fix and rewrite it, to reach a tolerable draft, Nr. 153. The feeling before clicking a button Publish reminded me of emotion few seconds before entering a stage. Anyway, so happy it’s there, can’t wait to see people’s reactions, if any :)

5 Storytelling Ideas for Your Next Technical Presentation

To-do: read more, about anything, practice writing, have someone to look at it.

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