Ready to start my own podcast?


I got an idea to start my own podcast. The podcast would not be about technical struggles developers have, but rather emotional challenges. Obstacles that IT people face sooner or later - lack of motivation, choosing career paths, etc. Since those are the questions I ask myself quite often, obviously I am not an expert here.

One can find answers to those and many other questions on the internet, but I lack something local, something closer to me than a smart guy from USA. I truly believe there are many intelligent people in Lithuania and it’s a shame there is no such podcast. How they study? Why they do what they do? Etc.

One of my all-time favorite podcasts is Developer’s Life hosted by Scott Hanselman. I though I should re-listen some recordings for inspiration, but then I found something really epic - An author, John Sonmez created an outstanding blog, superb podcast and he even wrote a book called Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual. I am speechless. Great weekend!

My podcast? Will wait. I have to read and listen to some of the great stuff John has created.

I'm Valdas Maksimavicius. I write about data, cloud technologies and personal development. You can find more about me here.