Learning Haskell - 1 Environment


I’ve spend around 8 hours digging and playing with Haskell. So far so good! Functional approach stimulated my grey matter so much I am speechless now. Even simple task requires enormous effort, it’s a mind changing experience. The last time I felt so much fun was in 2002 when I struggled to create something in Borland Delphi.

Back to school…

I’ll do my best to keep this post up-to-date List of installed components:

  • Editor: Sublime Text 3
  • Haskell Platform + Cabal: Downloads
  • hsdev (cabal install hsdev) for inspection, enhanced completion, goto, symbol info etc.
  • stylish-haskell (cabal install stylish-haskell) for code prettification, cabal install stylish-haskell
  • SublimeHaskell: Sublime plugin for Haskell. Install from Sublime package installer
  • SublimeREPL Sublime plugin for repl commands

Coding, building, running tests and all directly in Sublime. Cool!

Main picture

The visible code belong to my colleague Thanks Robertas

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