Weekly Chatter 6


My weekly list of what I’m enjoying or pondering - Weekly Chatter 6.

Achievement of the week

Getting Microsoft Cloud Platform certificate. I bought the vouchers and training materials in March. I was procrastinating heavily by finding new activities for a few months, but finally, I decided to step up to the challenge. Today I passed Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. The best part, however, is that Microsoft had changed its certification policy, and 70-534 exam plus 70-475, that I passed earlier, is enough for MCSA Cloud Platform title.

Functionality of the week

Revolut and a user-friendly button “Disable e-commerce transactions.”

Main picture

There are many excellent services online, and many offer free trials. Free, completely free, but you have to remember to cancel the subscription before the end of the trial. I failed a few times to cancel my trials (Skillshare, Pluralsight)… Now, per default, I disable e-commerce transactions. The Revolut app makes this super easy and convenient. Now, even if I might forget to cancel, my card will not accept any transactions.

Personality of the week

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. Scott is one hell of a character and a hilarious guy. I encourage you to listen to Tim Ferris’ 106th podcast episode. I enjoyed it a lot! Plus, this is an exciting read from Scott about the six dimensions of humor.

Sports? Anything?

Swimming. Two months ago I bought ten times swimming pool voucher. And guess what, two months have passed, and I’ve managed to visit the pool only five times, from what four times this week. What a shame.

Picture of the week

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