Weekly Chatter 7


My weekly list of what I’m enjoying or pondering - Weekly Chatter 7.

Quotes of the week

Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert “Think of your life as a system. Think of yourself as the most important part of the system. Be useful. And make yourself more valuable as you go.”

A few quotes from a polish podcast Dev Talk Trio “The best code is no code at all.” “People that are very strong technically will try to solve each problem technically. While the code is not always needed.” “Don’t get overexcited by the first version of a solution. Create a few alternatives and choose the best fitting.” “Being a T shaped specialist is not enough. Pi shaped experts are in need” Ex. strong in one technology, strong in soft skills, broad knowledge overall. “Businesses need technology advisors, no code monkeys.”

It reminded me of an old video they published earlier:

What I’m excited about, again

Kubica I spend a half of Wednesday following F1 Hungary practice sessions, where he drove a 2017 F1 Renault car. The whole Kubica’s story is unbelievable, motivates me a lot.

Purchase I’m enjoying

Spiky Massage Ball Helps me to work on my nerd neck and rounded shoulders.

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