Weekly Chatter 11


My weekly list of what I’m enjoying or pondering - Weekly Chatter 11.

What I’m excited about

Evernote and Getting Things Done I am getting back to my systemized tasks managing. A few weeks of sloppiness and laziness is over (hopefully). There are various ways how to set up GTD. I use Evernote.

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What I’m watching

Elon Musk is a really bad speaker. So what? He moves technology beyond its limits. The line between real world and sci-fi is getting thinner every day.

Where I’m speaking next

Agile Tour Vilnius 2017 If you are interested in the event but still don’t have a ticket, reach out to me, and I may get you a discount.

What I’m reading

I am preparing to my Agile talk, and I want to make sure I collect the best materials to visualize my point of view. It is always great to rewatch most interesting presentations from InfoQ, reread collected articles and books. The book that I am reading as preparation isSoftware Architecture for Developers by Simon Brown.

You can find the latest “currently-reading” books in Goodreads

Word I’m avoiding

Try The word “try” doesn’t bring any value, it doesn’t make your statement more reliable and powerful. I’d say quite the opposite.