Weekly Chatter 14


My weekly list of what I’m enjoying or pondering - Weekly Chatter 14.

Lesson of the week

Take the most out of 1:1 meetings

Last Thursday evening I attended Vilnius Tech Leads Meetup - Vilnius Tech Leads - The One with One on Ones. It hit me hard, I suck at one of the most important meetings a manager can have - One-on-one.

Instead of listing all my learnings, read The Art of the Awkward 1:1

What I am reading

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

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If someone had said to me that I would be reading a book on biology, anthropology, paleontology, I would have laughed. Today, I am at page 100 (out of 400). I am blown away by the insights and stories. So far, the book is on its way to becoming one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Quote I am pondering

Taken from the Daily Stoic

“Today we face what man has always faced—the battle between “over-abstraction” and action—not just any action, or activity, obviously, but right action. As Kyle Eschenroader writes in his book - The Pocket Guide to Action, “right actions aren’t usually grand. They can be small” […]. This is why you hear Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius say over and over again: It doesn’t matter what they do. It doesn’t matter what they say. It doesn’t matter what you think. It only matters what you do.”

Podcast of the week

Tim Ferriss - 270: Investing Wisdom

Reid Hoffman “The reason why companies rise and fall is that they learn to play one game, they get good at it, and the market changes. And now it’s a new game. And you have to adjust to playing that new game.”

Peter Thiel “Identify what do people agree nearly by convention, and what is the truth.”

Seth Godin “Once you have enough money to take care of your family and a few other things, money is a story.”

Marc Andreessen “When we make an investment decision, we then become committed to that company, so we can’t invest in the competitors, including the competitors that don’t even exist yet.”

Chris Sacca “I only get involved in deals that I know I can personally impact the outcome.”

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