Weekly Chatter 16 & 17


My list of what I’m enjoying or pondering - Weekly Chatter 16 & 17. Two weeks, three items.

What I am exited about

I have a new domain - valdas.blog.
Consequently, my old domain, blog.thevaldas.com, becomes obsolete (for SEO stuff and links it’s redirecting to the new one). Besides, I’ve migrated from Silvrback to Jekyll. It was an exciting week since moving to Jekyll required learning the new framework, Ruby and brushing up JavaScript and CSS.

What I am cooking

Over the last two weeks, I have been cooking quite a lot. Cooking allows to clean thoughts; there is no place to dwell on work problems. Otherwise one might lose a finger while chopping an onion. What am I cooking? Salmon with spinach, chili con carne, pumpkin pancakes, carbonara, smoked salmon with pasta and nuts.

Purchase I am enjoying

Wood’s dehumidifier
High humidity and wet window frames are finally over! The device has three fan speeds, and four levels of desired humidity to retain. Now it takes less than 24 hours for clothes to dry.

My birthday

I became 29 years old this Saturday. It’s always cool to retrospect a previous year. A point worth mentioning is Go-cart racing with my brother. Kartlandas offered a free ride as a birthday gift. We both managed to improve our previous times, and the time difference was only 0.014!!!

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