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Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) is a PaaS platform that takes advantage of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) to run complex queries. It provides high-performance analytics on petabytes of data only if you satisfy the requirements. Thus make sure you understand optimal usage and limitations of SQL DW. Here is a list of links and resources I find useful:

When to choose SQL Data Warehouse

Is Azure SQL DW a good fit?

SQL DW reference architectures

SQL DW capacity limits

Differences between SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse

Both offerings are expanding quickly, but they take advantage of different processing paradigms: SQL Database uses SMP and SQL DW - MPP. Since more users employ SQL DB, it has (and probably will in future) more features and evolves quicker than SQL DW.

Azure SQL DB vs. Azure SQL DW - Feb. 15, 18

Azure SQL DB vs. Azure SQL DW - Aug. 10, 16

Available integrations

Copy data to or from Azure SQL Data Warehouse by using Azure Data Factory

On-demand warehousing using Azure Functions

Hub and spoke integration with SQL DB

Azure Databricks reads/writes from SQL DW

Best practices

SQL DW best practices

Data loading best practices

SQL DW coding cheat sheet

Supporting tools

SQL Server Management Studio

Be up to date with the latest updates

Azure Service Notes

Azure blog - Data Warehouse section

James Serra’s Blog

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