The Importance Of Being Inauthentic by Mark Bowden

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Mark Bowden is an expert in human behavior and body language expert. Here are my notes from his TEDx Toronto talk about body language nuances.

There are four categories our brain has for everybody else around:

1. Friend

Is he a friend for us?
Cherry picking data that fits your assumptions that a person is your friend
If you can’t find data, you’ll make up all the data

2. Predator

Retreat response
Unconcously cherry picking data that proves that a person is an enemy

3. Potential sexual partner

Brain looks for evidence to prove a person is similar to me “does her hair look good, shine, good dna, etc”

4. Indifferent

Default bucket
We are pre-programmed to not pay attention to each other

“You’re designed to be indifferent to each other […] I need you to be more inauthentic with each other […] Choose behaviors beyond your natural instincts for what you like and don’t like.” - Mark Bowden

How do we move from indifferent to a friend?

  • Smile
  • Eye-brow up (“I recognize you”)
  • Open body language (honest, trustful)

How do we move from indifferent to a predator?

  • Lound voice
  • Closed body language
  • Insults

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