Cloud Analytics #4 - Google's new AI assistant, AI-infused products, and more (January 2020)

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Here is a monthly list of my latest findings in the data, AI, cloud topics. Plus, some futuristic content that I’ve dug up in different places.

Podcasts I enjoyed in January

  • Artificial Intelligence in Industry by Daniel Faggella. Dan invites top-level leaders from different industries that specialize in AI. Short (up to 30 minutes) and insightful discussions that you can listen on Spotify.

  • Think Like a CEO. So what does a CEO do every day? After listening to these short discussions you will get a grasp of the CEO’s responsibilities. Listen on Spotify.

Interesting materials on AI, Software Development, Big Data, etc.

  • The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies. This year AI was an integral part of many new releases. AI-infused beauty products, smart washing machines, autonomous tractors, and cars. Read more.

Deere’s Scan & Spray uses computer vision to only spray weeds with Round-Up (image courtesy Deere)

  • Google has created a more advanced conversational bot than existing Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Meet Meena. The model has 2.6 billion parameters and is trained on 341 GB of text, filtered from public domain social media conversations. Read more.


  • I hosted my first webinar about Data Engineering Patterns and Principles.

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Futurism and space exploration

SpaceX copyrights

SpaceX successfully completed the most difficult test of its Cargo Dragon human aircraft. The launch was intentionally aborted and it triggered Dragon’s automatic separation at supersonic speed. As Elon Musk stated, the test was extremely difficult and it pushed the envelope in many aspects. The final checks of the aircraft need to be executed before real humans fly to space. SpaceX aims to fly humans to the ISS by Q2. Read more.

SpaceX copyrights

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