Cloud Analytics #5 - Gartner Magic Quadrants, AI examples, space explosions and more (February 2020)

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Here is a monthly list of my latest findings in the data, AI, cloud topics. Plus, some futuristic content that I’ve dug up in different places.

Gartner Magic Quadrants

In February, Gartner released a few updated technology reports. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you the links to the reports directly due to distribution licences, but instead I point you to download pages (reqistrations required).

There are the 6 vendors in the leaders quad, two that have been leaders last year (SAS and TIBCO) and 4 new ones (Alteryx, Dataiku, Databricks, MathWorks).

Please note, that the report includes only vendors with commercial products. Open-source platforms like Python and R, even though those are very popular with Data Scientists and Machine Learning professionals, are not included by Gartner.

Microsoft continues to lead a Magic Quadrant Leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms with a feature packed Power BI solution.

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  • Visual storytelling

Various topics explained in informative visuals. For example, “Meet China’s 113 Cities With More Than One Million People”.

  • 50 AI Examples from the World’s biggest companies. Read more.

  • Spark certification guide by Raki Rahman. Read more.

  • DevOps Roadmap: a step by step guide with all the latest and critical technologies every DevOps should know. Read more.

Futurism and space exploration

  • Astronomers Detect Biggest Explosion Since the Big Bang. Read more.

The blast came from a supermassive black hole at the centre of a galaxy hundreds of millions of light-years away. My collegue summerized it beautifully - “While we fight our battle with coronaviruse, millions of potential civilizations died in an explosion.”

Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Naval Research Lab/Giacintucci, S.; XMM:ESA/XMM; Radio: NCRA/TIFR/GMRTN; Infrared: 2MASS/UMass/IPAC-Caltech/NASA/NSF

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