Free notebook projects to explore

data-platform software

Notebooks (meaning interactive computational environments, not notepads or laptops) are taking over conventional data tools. Here are free interesting notebook projects to explore:


Observable allows to run data science and visualizations by using customized JavaScript. Use Apache Arrow, Vega, d3, Tensorflow and share beautiful results with others.

To get the art of possible, check out this notebook.

Databricks Community

Think of Databricks if you want to explore Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow or Koalas. Databricks free community edition offers 15GB memory driver, no worker node.


JupyterLab calls itself a next-generation web-based user interface for Project Jupyter. Without further ado, check it yourself


Binder is my latest finding. You can specify a git repo with interesting notebooks, Binder builds a docker build for you to interact with your notebooks. Great for trainings and workshops!

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